Below is a collection of our 3D visualisation work. MeshMade has experience in creating early stage conceptual imagery for architectural competitions, to photorealistic marketing material used in presentations, sales pitches and large scale hoardings. We have vast amounts of experience in a wide range of disciplines, from small residential developments to iconic tower exteriors, high end and intimate residential interiors to large scale masterplans, we have worked on them all and find satisfaction in each and every one. While many of our works are under NDA, we update this page as soon as we have something new to share so please visit regularly to see what we’ve been up to.

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Below is an example of our retouch skills. The original photo taken during the day was required as a night shot. For a number reasons it was no longer possible to retake this shot at night from the same location, so using photoshop we were able to successfully change the day photograph into a dynamic night time shot.

Architectural visualisation and creative CGI productionArchitectural visualisation and creative CGI production