Who we are

MeshMade is a creative visualisation studio that is born out of passion. A passion for creating aesthetically pleasing imagery and while doing so, helping to visually realise the imagination’s of designers, architects and creatives. Our work is created with care and attention to detail, taking into account all the subtleties that one might expect when producing something that has never been seen before. It is these subtleties of our reality that help push each and every one of our images to a heightened realm of believability. It is also these subtle elements that we look to create in each visual and it is these very elements that help set us apart from the rest. This is not only a creative approach, but a rational one too.

”Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”
– Albert Einstein –

While we aren’t a scientific endeavour, we do so love this quote and take it to heart. We take pride in our ability to help architects and designers realise their thoughts, ideas and aspirations for the future of our society. Equally, we take pride in helping property developers and marketing professionals with high quality, photorealistic material for their sales campaigns and presentations.

Our Services

We make images
We make images
Computer generated imagery or CGI is our core business. While we often do work in the architectural space, we also utilise our skill set to help in other areas like product design and advertising. We use a variety of software depending on the project need, combined with technical knowledge and artistic flair to enable us to deliver anything from stylised conceptual imagery to more resolved briefs aimed at final stage print or digital media. We can advise and help depending on the purpose, from internal presentations or design reviews to a range of marketing material from printed brochures and books right up to large scale hoardings.
360° and animations
360° and animations
360 degree panoramic CGIs and animation services. Static 360 CGIs viewed from within the Samsung Gear VR headset (or similar hardware) is an additional and affordable solution to add to any good marketing presentation. They can be displayed using any smart phone these days that are then plugged into the VR headset which cost no more than a hundred pounds. They allow users to look around with 360 degrees of freedom from a single viewpoint to gauge a much more accurate feeling and sense of space and are a great talking point in presentations and design reviews.

Animation fly throughs are also a great way to evaluate large or detailed projects in it’s entirety. From investigating a masterplan from above to simply gliding through a well designed residential interior, we have experience in producing both and would be happy to help.

MeshMade is a passionate company. Passionate about the services it offers and the high level of quality it delivers. This is a key mark of ours and it’s what helps drive us to produce creative, compelling and unique imagery with every project.

If you require any additional information with regards to architectural visualisation, creative visualisation or any of the other digital services that we offer, we would be happy to help. Get in touch for further info or a quote by simply using our online form found here.